A kitchen has to be functional to be fully enjoyed and with Aero Kitchen's line up of accessories to efficiently store cooking and pantry items, your kitchen will not only be beautiful and inviting, but also easy to use and keep organized.

Aventos Lift Systems

Lift systems enable you to lift up fronts providing unhindered access to the interior of wall cabinets. The AVENTOS lift flaps open easily, remain in any desired position and close silently.

HS - The up and over lift system

HL - The parallel lifting flap

HF - The bi-fold lift system

HK-S - The small stay lift

HK - The larger stay lift

Corner Storage Systems

Corner cabinets are often the least organized cabinets in a kitchen. Aero Kitchen offers many solutions, each more functional than the last.

Magic Corner



Carousel 270

Drawers and Trays

Knives, forks, spoons, spatulas, ladles, pots, spices: with Aero Kitchen's dividers, every object has its place! A well-organized drawer lets you save time and makes cooking a true pleasure.

Bread Drawer

Knife Organizer

Pan Organizer

Spice Organizer

Tip-out Tray

Cutlery Tray - 2 Tier

Utensil Tray

Pull-out Pantry

Store all your snacks and drinks in these Pull-out pantries.

Dispensa Swing

Dispensa 90

Pantry Roll-out

Base Cabinet Roll-out

Waste and Recycling Bins

These bins can be installed around the sink to make cleaning up after a meal much simpler. There's room for both a waste and recycling bin.

Sliding Wastebin

Recycling Bin Slider

Recycling Bin Slider