Thermofoil Cabinet Doors

Thermofoil Doors are durable, easy to clean, resistant to temperature and humidity changes as well as cracking, chipping, staining and warping. They are composed of 3/4” premium MDF that provides a smooth and consistent finish.


S1 Aria

S2 Versimo

S3 Walnut

S4 Queenston Oak

S5 Rustic Cherry

S6 Candlelight

S7 Sandalwood

S8 Cherry Blossom

Raised Panel

RP9 Euro-White

RP10 Almond

RP11 Candlelight

RP12 Hard Rock

RP13 Summer Flame

RPS14 Euro-White

RPS15 Antique White

RPS16 Cordoba


Sh17 Amati PC

Sh18 Summer Flame

Sh19 Cayenne Maple

Sh20 Chocolate Pear

Other Alternatives

Roman Arch

Cherry Glass Door

Cherry V-Groove

Chocolate Pear

Cherry Muillion

Cathedral Arch

Rustic Cherry Routed