Laminate – Cabinet Doors

With clean lines and unique color options, High Pressure laminate doors are a great choice for striking kitchen designs.

Laminate doors provided a contemporary, budget friendly product that will allow designers and homeowners alike to create the trendy minimalist look.

Available in various colours. Please visit our showroom in Burnaby to see all the patterns and colours available. 

We purchase laminate for various manufacturers. Here are links are some links you might find useful:

Shown below are some popular laminates.


High-Pressure Laminate Doors



Antique Oak

Antique Oak Antique Oak

Bronze Walnut

Bronze Walnut Bronze Walnut

Brooks Walnut

Brooks Walnut Brooks Walnut

Charred Elm

Charred Elm Charred Elm

Cherry Seta

Cherry Seta Cherry Seta


Cinder Cinder

Coca Icing

Coca Icing Coca Icing

Colossal Beach

Colossal Beach Colossal Beach


Crimson Crimson

Crossover Wenge

Crossover Wenge Crossover Wenge

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir Douglas Fir

Dusk Tabriz

Dusk Tabriz Dusk Tabriz

Fossil Wood

Fossil Wood Fossil Wood

Fusion Maple

Fusion Maple Fusion Maple

Grey Cocoa

Grey Cocoa Grey Cocoa

Grey Eucalyptus

Grey Eucalyptus Grey Eucalyptus

Grey Raft

Grey Raft Grey Raft

Grey Tabriz

Grey Tabriz

Greige Teak

Greige Teak Greige Teak

Ironside Oak

Ironside Oak Ironside Oak

Jakarta Teak

Jakarta Teak Jakarta Teak

Maple Glen

Maple Glen

Milwaukee Walnut

Milwaukee Walnut Milwaukee Walnut

Natural Olive

Natural Olive Natural Olive


Oak Oak

Philippine Teak

Philippine Teak Philippine Teak

Real Ebony

Real Ebony Real Ebony

Rift Cut Oak

Rift Cut Oak

RS Frosted Maple

RS Frosted Maple RS Frosted Maple

RS Smoked Maple

RS Smoked Maple RS Smoked Maple


Sapele Sapele

Sumatra Teak

Sumatra Teak Sumatra Teak

Tan Silk

Tan Silk Tan Silk

Thai Almond

Thai Almond Thai Almond


Wenge Wenge



Zebra Wood

Zebra Wood Zebra Wood